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Macroom Nature Day

Danone Nutricia in Macroom held an environmental awareness day and invited Macroom Motors Toyota to showcase the Hybrid Range and explain their importance to the environment.

Hybrid Information Day

Danone Macroom is a manufacturing Plant located less than 2 miles from Macroom that employs over 200 people. The Facility provides 80% of  Danone’s Baby Nutrition Powder Needs for Europe. Almost €65 million has been invested in the Plant over the past 10 years.

Danone’s  target is to be a Carbon Neutral Organisation by 2050, reduce energy needs by 60% by 2020 (base year 2007) and to use 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025.

In Macroom they strive to achieve this vision by using the best available technology and by having a committed, Nature aware workforce.

To this extent, Danone Macroom organised a “Nature Day” for all its staff on February 28th 2019.

The SEAI were present for the day along with many companies that were displaying their energy efficient products. Pupils from a nearby school, Rusheen NS, gave super presentations on “Saving the Planet” and the steps they have taken to help make a difference to their local environment.

Hybrid Information Day

Macroom Motors Toyota was invited to participate to provide information on Hybrid and EV technology in Toyota cars.

The Nature Day was launched by Donal Dennehy of Danone at 9.45am.

We made presentations to 2 different groups of the team at Danone at 11am and at 2pm. Pat Barrett started by giving a brief history of the launch by Toyota in 1997 of the world’s first Hybrid car the iconic Toyota Prius and then moved forward to the present day when Toyota has ceased the production of diesel engine passenger cars completely as part of its “Built for a Better Future” vision for the Planet.

Over 50 people attended across the two Presentation times


Paschal Buckley, After Sales Manager, gave a detailed Powerpoint presentation on how Hybrid Technology works. There followed a very engaging Q&A session during which David McSweeney, Sales Exec  and Paschal fielded many questions around Hybrid vehicles., including :


*             whether the vehicles needed to be plugged in to be recharged

*             the fuel economy performance

*             the battery life

*             replacement costs

*             service and maintenance costs

*             future values of cars

*             towing capacity

*             suitability for rural driving as well as long distance driving and commutes

*             the future of Hybrid

*             diesel and electric vehicles

We had 5 Hybrid Model Vehicles on display at the Plant and everyone with a driving licence was offered a test drive in a Hybrid Vehicle of their choice. Approximately 45 test drives were availed of by Danone Staff during the day. It was our first time ever being involved with an undertaking like the Danone Nature Day and we were delighted by the response to all aspects of Hybrid Technology and Driving Experience by the Danone Macroom Team.