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  1. Electrified

Discover Toyota Electrified

No matter what type of journey you take, there’s a Toyota Electrified car for you.
We have been leading the charge towards an electrified world, since we introduced the world's first Hybrid Electric production car over two decades ago.

We understand that no two journeys are the same and that is exactly why we offer a broad range of electrified vehicles. Whether you take short trips within the city or if you regularly take longer journeys we have a suitable electrifed car for you.

With a choice of Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Fuel Cell or Battery Electric technology, just ask yourself which electrified car type is right for you, right now.

What is your electrified car type?

  • Hybrid Electric

    Smooth, efficient, and easy to drive, our fourth-generation full petrol-electric Hybrids save fuel, reduce emissions, and charge their batteries while on the move.

  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric

    Our Plug-in Hybrids offer the best of both worlds. Combining all the renowned strengths of our Hybrid-electric line-up with the benefit of greater performance and extended pure electric driving.

  • Battery Electric

    Zero fuel and zero-emission, our new generation of Battery-Electric vehicles run solely on electric and offer another dimension to clean and powerful driving performance.

  • Fuel Cell Electric

    Quick to refuel and with a driving range over 500km, our pioneering Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Electric vehicles emit nothing but water and have the potential to revolutionise the way we drive.