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Toyota Battery Electric

Our new generation of Battery Electric vehicles (BEV) benefit from our unrivalled experience in electrification to deliver an uncompromising blend of power, reliability and performance. Every BEV runs on battery power alone, using no fuel and producing zero emissions. At least ten new zero-emission vehicles are due in the next five years, spearheaded by the Toyota bZ4X and PROACE Electric.

All the benefits of battery electric

As they run on battery power alone, an EV uses zero fuel and produces zero emissions. Simple to charge, refined and exhilarating to drive thanks to the instant torque from their electric motors, they also offer lower running costs than a conventional vehicle. And because they contribute to improved air quality in cities, you’re free to drive them in low-emission and congestion charge zones.


Charging your electric vehicle

Whether you’re charging at home, at the office or on the go at the growing number of rapid charging points, recharging your Battery-Electric vehicle is simple and convenient.

  • Domestic charging

    It’s possible to charge a Toyota BEV from a household socket. Although it is typically the slowest form of charging and is best reserved for overnight charging when a wallbox is not available.

  • Dedicated charging

    These are the most common wall chargers, found in residential garages, driveways and many office car parks. These dedicated units can charge from 2 to 5 times as quickly as a standard domestic socket.

  • Rapid charging

    Rapid charging points can be found in a number of public locations, from motorways service stations to petrol stations and supermarkets. These highly efficient units are usually just a short drive away and can partially charge your car in less than an hour.

Staying power

Like every element in a Toyota, the batteries in our all-electric vehicles are engineered to last. For true peace of mind, Toyota provides an EV health check alongside annual vehicle services, which includes extended battery care. Thanks to these checks, Toyota are able to provide our reassuring 10- year battery warranty.

Introducing Toyota bZ

Welcome to the Toyota bZ series, a new sub-brand of Toyota. This diverse family of next-generation Battery Electric models go beyond zero-emission EVs to transform lives and experiences. Showcased by the stunning Toyota bZ4X, the first model from the Toyota bZ series, that will be available from mid-2022. You won't want to miss it.
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